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A Florida Marriage License can only be issued by a Florida County Court Judge or a Florida Clerk of a Circuit Court, but may be obtained on your behalf by a designated and approved company.  Married by Mail is a designated and approved company that secures licenses thru a Florida Clerk of Circuit and County Court, Marriage License Department.  Married by Mail has a thorough understanding of requirements and detailed knowledge of forms, timelines, and procedures thus providing its clients with the very best customer service.

We provide a Florida Marriage License by Mail! We also secure Apostille’s for our Foreign Clients.

Here’s How It Works!

Step 1 – Make your Payment

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No refunds once Application to Marry is issued.

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Step 2 – Marriage License Information Form

Complete and submit the Marriage License Information Form.(CLICK HERE)
Please also complete this Required Premarital Statement Form (CLICK HERE)

Step 3 – Married by Mail will process your Marriage License Information Form with the Clerk of Court and email you an Application to Marry ready for notarization at your end.

Married BY MAIL! will process your Marriage License Information Form with the Clerk of Court and send you your Application to Marry via email. Review the Application carefully, making certain all information shown is correct.

The couple will need to print the Application to Marry and take this document to
a notary or solicitor for notarization. The couple and the notary or solicitor
will need to complete boxes 9-16 with Black Ink. A notary or solicitors stamp or seal will need to be affixed on the left hand side of the Application to Marry opposite boxes 9,  11, 13 and 15 so as not to obscure any signatures.

The couple will need to read the Family Law Handbook. It will then be necessary to sign and date the Required Premarital Statement Form acknowledging that they have read the handbook and understand it.

Step 4 – Return Application to Marry and Required Premarital Statement Form to Married By Mail.

Return the original signed, notarized Application to Marry as well as the signed, dated, Required Premarital Statement Form to MARRIED BY MAIL! using USPS Mail or any Courier Service of your choice.

Mail Documents to:

Married by Mail

52 Riley Road #514

Celebration, Florida 34747

Once this information is received in the offices of MARRIED BY MAIL it will be supplied to the Clerk of Court for issuance of the License to Marry. Once the License to Marry is issued, MARRIED BY MAIL will make certain that the individual performing the marriage is in receipt of the License to Marry prior to the ceremony.

Additional copies of your marriage license may be ordered thru Married by Mail for a fee of $4.00 per copy. Make certain when ordering extra copies that a current mailing address is provided at the time of purchase.

Foreign Nationals – If you are a resident of a country that is a member of the Hague Convention, MARRIED BY MAIL! can secure your Apostille for you.


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