Westgate Beauty

Westgate Beauty

Westgate Town Center, located in Kissimmee, FL has a wonderful 3rd floor balcony with a view. It provides a gorgeous spot for a wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, on the day that Sandy and Larry got married it was raining. No problem!  Westgate also features a wonderful atrium where the sound is amazing. Everything just moved inside and into the air conditioning. Perfect! Lon Tosi from Sensational Ceremonies, conducted the intimate ceremony for the couple. The couple participated in an emotional candle ceremony that featured a short memory of those who had passed. It all ended with a short reading about the future. It stated, “Sandy and Larry, your adventure has just begun”.

Dianne of Married By Mail provided the couple with their license, and also signed on to play the ceremony music, which was absolutely perfect! Sandy pick out each song. It should be noted that this is the second wedding for both the bride and groom. They were married to each other one other time. So, they have found love once more, the second time around. They were planning to spend time at the Orlando area theme parks including Walt Disney World. Good Luck Sandy and Larry!


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