B Resort and Spa Wedding

B Resort and Spa Wedding


The B Resort Hotel and Spa, in OrlandoFlorida’s Disney Springsis an eclectic venue near Walt Disney World. When you enter the lobby you are greeted with a waterfall and modern furnishings that that were designed to remind one of an art gallery. To the rear of the lobby is a large and well-appointed terrace that can house large groups for special events. The hotel features several ballrooms that are perfect for holding special events. They are acoustically perfect. In short, the B Resort is perfect for a wedding!

To this setting Josh and Robyn brought their family and friends to witness their marriage ceremony. Lon Tosifrom Sensational Ceremoniesconducted their custom wedding ceremony for them. Lon works out his offices in Celebration, Florida. He worked with the couple over several months to create exactly the emotion and “story” that they wanted. And then he delivered it. There was a moment when he thanked the parents for all the “love and guidance that they had provided to the Josh and Robyn. The parents stood during that part of the ceremony and they cried. It marked a special moment for everyone. Part of the presentation featured a reading about the manner in which their relations had developed over the years. It talked about their “first glance”, and then their romance, and finally their marriage. The ending verse is quite touching with the following words: “Now you shall say a few words that take you across a threshold of life, and thing will never quite the same between you. For after these vows, you shall say to the world, this is my husband, this is my wife”. So touching – so moving!

As always, Lon tends to do something different for the witnessing of the license. The attached photo shows the best man and maid of honor signing the license on the back of one of the groomsmen. Jessica Kent of Jessica Lauren Photographycaptured all the key moments, and especially the signing. Jessica and her first shooter Mary, are shown in the wonderful selfie attached to this review. They have  a certain flair! And, they are certain to provide outstanding shots of the entire event. It should be noted that Dianne from Married By Mail secured the license for the couple, and, in fact, traveled to the venue to actually see the wedding. That is amazing service!

Drew Kress of Engaged Sounds Entertainmentprovided the sound for both the ceremony and the reception afterwards. The sound was just perfect for Lon and his presentation. The hotel provided the catering for the event. The amazing cake was prepared by Ana Cakesout of Orlando. The couple decided to provide their own decorations which were spectacular! And finally, the entire event was orchestrated with class and style by Casie Caldwell from Orlando’s own Sparkleigh Productions. In all, it was a great evening of fun, emotion and excitement for Robyn and Josh. They are off to a great adventure, and their entire group of vendors is so excited for them!


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