A Patriotic Wedding

A Patriotic Wedding


John and Stephanie traveled from their home in Rhode Island to the gorgeous Westgate Lakes Resort in Orlando to celebrate their coming together as husband and wife. They brought with them a small group of family and friends. Westgate Lakes has, on property, a wonderful gazebo with a Little Sand Lake view that is both beautiful and private. John is very patriotic as the attached photo shows. He was resplendent in his red-white and blue attire!

As the sun began to set in the west with its gorgeous reds, yellows and blues, this eclectic couple shared their wedding vows. Lon Tosi from Sensational Ceremonies conducted the custom wedding ceremony. John and Stephanie had chosen specific items that they wanted to include in the ceremony that spoke directly to their love and commitment to one another. Here is what Lon read to them:  “Love is an intense and fulfilling emotion. It allows you to share intimacy and experience feelings of tenderness and warmth. Love takes you out of loneliness and lets you share your life with someone with whom you can express your innermost feelings and thoughts. It was love that brought you together to this moment, to unite your destinies. Always remember just how important your loving relationship is. Cherish your love forever”. Truly, this couple felt as though their lives had led them to the moment for them to be united.

After the wedding, they and their audience were planning to begin a wonderful day of fun at the Universal Orlando theme park. They were also planning to spend much time at the other Orlando theme parks like SeaWorld and Walt Disney World on their honeymoon. As happens with many brides and grooms who visit Florida for their wedding, Married By Mail worked with them to provide their Florida Marriage License. Married By Mail actually hand delivered the license to Lon for the wedding. We wish John and Stephanie much luck with their marriage!  They off to a great start!




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