A Balcony Wedding To Remember

A Balcony Wedding To Remember

Westgate Town Center in Kissimmee, Florida features a beautiful 3rd floor balcony with a lake view. That is where Michele and Larry chose to hold their intimate wedding ceremony. The day was cool for March, with just a little sun shining through the clouds to make the setting perfect for a wedding ceremony. Larry and Michelle chose words for their custom ceremony that were focused on love. Larry and Michelle felt destiny had led them to the moment of their marriage. Larry had waited  47-years to find and marry Michele. Lon Tosi from Sensational Ceremonies conducted their ceremony. The intimate group of family and friends each shared a moment with the rings and warmed them silently with their best wishes for the bride and groom. The rings, in essence, were “warmed” with the love and caring of the group. As they wear the rings into the future, the rings will be a constant reminder of that caring and love.

Michele and Larry reached out to Married by Mail (Dianne Boyd)  for procurement of their License to Marry which made this wedding day possible.

A group of wonderful wedding professionals made certain that Larry and Michele had a fantastic wedding experience.


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